Every day we dress. This is one thing we all have in common.

Every day, we peer in our wardrobe, at the clothes-ladden chair, at the clothes-horse a.k.a. exercise bike, at the washing basket, or even at the floor,  in search of that outfit which will take us from our our bedroom to work, that will get us to walk the dogs, pick up the kids from school/clubs, sweat at the gym, cook, clean, garden, do some diy, socialise and relax.

For some, dressing is a true necessity and very little time and money is dedicated to this task.

The unisex uniform is usually a t-shirt, sweat shirt or jumper, jeans, trainers/outdoor shoes, fleece or hoodie.

Clothed life is not complicated. Why should it be?




For others, it is an art form: with full wardrobes and clothes every where, it is a matter of finding the matching pieces of the outfit, blending in or embracing the latest trend.

Much time and money is set aside for this moment when the tricky question “what shall I wear today?” is asked with trepidation.

Dressing is a joy. Why shouldn’t t be?



Every so often however, both exclaim the same cry of despair “Nothing to wear!” . For the former, the ‘uniform’ is no longer suitable – usually this is triggered by an invitation to a night out or a special occasion. For the latter, all of the sudden, the wardrobe full to the brim of unloved clothes looks empty.

Dressing then becomes stressful both all concerned.

Whether you are a man or a woman, here are 5 key suggestions to consider and de-stress when you dress every day and for that special occasion:

  1. Know your style personality
  2. Wear colours that compliment your own colouring
  3. Wear clothes that flatter your physique
  4. Choose clothes that reflect your activities and ambitions
  5. Keep your look current.

Let’s look at each in more detail:

1. De-stress when your dress: Know your style personality

Are you keen on plain colours or patterned clothes? Is ‘matching’ a key word in your clothes-related vocabulary? What about frills and flounces? Love to make an entrance? Embracing trends, but not the fashion? Preferring a rainbow of colours over sober and muted tones? Is dressing for you all about comfort and practicality?
Our style personality will dictate what clothes we will buy and where we buy them from, what clothes we will wear. It is the biggest deciding factor in our everyday clothing choices.
Our style personality is made up of all the influences we have had in our younger life and who inspired us at a particular time of our life. In the increasing visual world, where looks are captured on social media, scrutinised and replicated, influence also comes from our peers.

During a Style Sensation session, together we will spend quite a while discussing your style personality, what switches your style button on and off, reflecting our conversation on the clothes you bring. The style personality questionnaire that you complete sometimes points to one thing and your clothes point to something else. Or you whisper “I wish I could do that”, upon which we go on a clothes exploration. That’s usually when the fun begins!

2. De-stress when you dress: Wear colours that compliment your own colouring

Wearing the “right” colours that suit us – yes, for some some, this means black! – will make us look younger and healthier. We spend a lot of time in front of the mirror looking at how an outfit fits our bodies, rather than looking first at what its colour does for our complexion.
Not everybody looks great in black, and pastels, so popular at spring-time, can make some of us look washed out. Brown equals fabulous for some and mud for others. Purple is great for everybody, but we don’t all wear it the same way. It is not until we start wearing your best colours that we start getting compliments that make us feel great. Sometimes it takes courage to change and accept that we are allowed to look and feel great and stand out from our drab surroundings, often we just only need a little push.

Whether you come with your friends for a Colour Clever workshop, or on your own for a more in-depth Colour Clever session, you will learn about colours in general, what colours you should avoid, and what colours will love you, and crucially how to wear colours for your own colouring. You’ll go away with your wallet of colours to make future wise choices.

3. De-stress when you dress: Wear clothes that flatter your physique

We all have lumps and bumps that we would prefer to ignore. Yet, we keep wearing clothes that emphasise the bits we want to hide for various reasons: we like the colour, we want to fit in with whatever fashion of the moment,  it was a gift from a loved one so we have to wear it, we bought it in despair, it was an expensive item.
I challenge you to stand straight in front of your full-length mirror, naked or semi-naked, in day light or with the light on, and observe your own reflection. What parts of your body do you like? What parts do you dislike? Is your waist noticeable? voluptuous hips? Full or flat belly? Slopping or square shoulders? Bum protruding or flat back?
Oh, while you are standing there, remember to pay yourself a compliment aloud.

Before you even think of style, you need to know the golden rules of colour:

Dark colours minimise. Light colours maximise. Bright colours attract the eye.

Emphasise the bits you love by wearing colour wisely, and wear clothes that fit your body without visually adding extra unwanted pounds. Many of my clients have never stood in front of their mirror and are astounded to learn about their body shape, usually hidden under clothes that are baggy and too big for them.

Wearing colours for your physique is reviewed during a Style Sensation session  when we discuss your body shape, your challenges and your assets, your scale and your height and make it all work for you.

4. De-stress when you dress: Choose clothes that reflect your activities and your ambitions

Walking the dog and working in an office require different clothes. We love our kids and putting up with their sticky fingers all over our nice work trousers or dress is part and parcel of parenting. Should their fingerprints be seen by our colleagues and clients when we are trying to assert our credibility? The thing is, can we be bothered changing clothes when we know domestic chores await us as soon as we down your tools? I recommend you to take just a few minutes to change clothes when you change your activities and wear clothes that are appropriate for what you do and the level of credibility you want to achieve. Dirty and damaged clothes and shoes will not reflect the “attention to detail” or “diligence” skill you claim to possess.

A full image session for women and a Man Made session for men cover many aspects of dressing, including conversations about how you want to present yourself, your budget, your activities, your obstacles, taking care of your clothes and your shoes. If you feel you are stuck in a rut or your look is dated, you are not achieving your professional ambitions despite working hard, this is the best service for you.

5. De-stress when  you dress: Keep your look current.

Animal print was a huge fashionable trend for women at the end of 2018: snake, tiger, zebra, leopard. You name it, it was out there for the taking. It was seen everywhere and every lady with an eye for fashion was wearing something animal. This fashion is now passing. That’s why the sales racks at the end of the year were full of it, making room for Spring-Summer. Make sure you move on with the trend as as not to look twee or outdated. Look out for the magazines and articles announcing Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter trends, especially when they label them “high street”. Catwalks trends often don’t make it to the street! Check the trends coming: can you incorporate them in your wardrobe without breaking the bank? Don’t you have something there already that you can wear again? With your newfound knowledge about your style, your colours and your physique, will you follow the trend, or will you let it pass for something better that is coming later?


Don’t scream “Nothing to wear” again. In the words of Christian Dior:

Good planning is necessary for good dressing.

By knowing what suits you, the possibilities are endless and your wardrobe will never seem empty. No guarantee that the hoodie will feature in there though!

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