A key element of looking great and feeling on top of the world, is to understand what style personality you are, so that you know what to shop for, what brand to home in on, and you understand why you should not waste your money on particular garments.

As fashion design Rachel Zoe says:

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

As we have already seen in 5 suggestions to de-stress how you dress, your style personality plays a very important role in your choices, whether you are aware of it or not. During a Style session, or Full Image session, we spend a lot of time speaking about your style personality.  What pushes your ON and your OFF button? What type of clothes do you already systematically avoid? What do your clothes currently say about you? What would you like your clothes to show? Where do you like to shop? What do you do with your life?

By following simple guidelines for your style personality, dressing and choosing clothes becomes easier.  Our style personality will dictate what clothes we will buy and where we buy them from, what clothes we will wear. It is the biggest deciding factor in our everyday clothing choices.

Our style personality is made up of all the influences we have had in our younger life and who inspires us at a particular time of our life. Influence comes from our peers and those we admire or we are encouraged to admire.

In the world of business and employment, our style of business greatly influences our personal brand.  What promises are we visually making when we turn up at this crucial sales meeting or interview for the job we so want? The attention we put on our clothes at these meetings will tell a lot to the persons we are meeting and they will make a mental comparison against their expectations. Will you have to work harder at convincing them?

Know your style personality, understand what it means, tune it to expectations whenever it is necessary and your work is more than half-done.

We are looking here at the cost common style personality I have been coming across with my clients: ladies and gentlemen with a dominant Natural style personality. Elements from other personalities may come into play, but this is their dominant trait.

Who do you think you are? Know your style personality: The Natural Style Personality

Let’s see if your dominant style personality is the Natural style personality. Read on, and tick what applies to you:

  • You probably have a dog that you regularly walk in all weathers.
  • You have no time to spare on yourself: your life is directed by the needs of others – kids, partner, siblings, parents and friends, pets and maybe computers.
  • Clothes and accessories are not a priority for you. Your favourite items of clothing are usually a fleece or hoodie, a jumper – to keep cosy, a pair of jeans – so practical and comfortable, and your outdoor shoes – that you keep on indoors. Jewellery? What jewellery? Ladies, you may have a nice and probably minimal collection of necklaces, but you always wear the same one. Easy choice, and it goes with everything. Gentleman, you may be wearing a watch, and choose to ignore the ragged and dirty strap.
  • When you come for your French Dressing session, you have “shoved” (your word, not mine!) your clothes selection in a plastic bag, probably picked from your bedroom floor, or maybe even extracted from the washing basket “because I really wanted you to see this and get your opinion”.
  • You will favour clothes which are minimal in their care – non-iron garments are your ideal choice. You exude a general unkempt air, clothes often exhibiting a stain or two. Your shoes are invariably scuffed and well worn. Because they are so comfy, you dread buying new ones . You only have a couple of pairs anyway, an outdoor one and a simple dressy one.
  • Ladies, when it comes to make up, putting it on in the morning means having to remove it at night. You simply don’t have time for these shenanigans and no desire to care about it either. Lipstick, the same one you have been using for the last 2,3, 5? years, may be applied in the morning when you have time, and not ever re-applied during the day.
  • Gentlemen, you laugh at the idea of applying face cream. This is not for you. You are a fan of the outdoors, or spend your life indoors. Dry skin either way. So what?
  • Spending time at the hairdresser/barber is your idea of hell. Replicating back at home the nice hairstyle you came out with  is simply a no-no option as 1) you don’t have time to dry your hair, 2) the styling product you were persuaded to buy some months (years?) ago smells funny or has dried up  and 3) you can’t find your brush or comb.
  • You dread the invitation to a special event where you have to dress up. You have nothing – that you qualify as “nothing presentable” – to wear. You call on your friends to lend you some clothes and hope for the best or hit the shops with exasperation because you hate shopping.
  • What is good about all this is that there won’t be any surprises once we know you. It is alright though because you don’t like the spotlight to be on you and won’t make a show of yourself. People will become familiar with your sartorial struggle, will eventually know what to expect or will continue to glance at you from a distance. You shyly smile when they say “you scrub up well” or “you look very nice today” and immediately dismiss their compliment towards you by telling them how much your outfit cost.
  • At work or in a more formal environment, you are a threat to nobody. Your very relevant comments will often be ignored. The step up in the management with more responsibilities, and money, is very often unattainable, even if you know you can do the job better than the person who has been appointed. You have do work double-hard to be heard and listened to.

Do you tick a few (too many) of these characteristics? You can be sure that you have a strong Natural style personality guiding your clothing choices every day.

With a dominant Natural style personality, what you lack in dress sense is more than made up in approach-ability, empathy and caring. People will come to you because they know you lend an understanding ear and will offer comfort.

You will come to French Dressing, because you have had enough about getting patronising comments, you have had enough of looking at the others in envy “because they just seem to get it right”, you have had enough of being systematically by-passed for promotion at work. You want to feel great, still with minimum effort,  you need an easy formula that will work for you, you want to be recognised for your skills and experience, not for your vague dress sense.

You may have received a gift voucher, because someone close to you feels your despair and wants to help you – Lucky you! You will be forever grateful!

Ladies and gentlemen with a dominant Natural personality, you will benefit the most from a French Dressing full image session. You will be the ones listening carefully, taking it on the chin at the time of the session, ready to face the world and make appropriate choices afterwards. You will be the ones getting raving comments after making key changes in your wardrobe.

Personally, for me as a trained image consultant with ten years of experience and hundreds of clients ‘edified’, you are a true pleasure to welcome and advise because you have the biggest potential for success, with very few changes, but key ones, to start with and a multiplying effect to enjoy. I know you will be attentive – you will have so much to learn! – and you are wanting and ready to change.

Knowing what colours to wear will be a fab way to start, understanding your shape and scale, proportions will make choices so much easier, together with getting essential tips to apply about clothes care and about choosing clothes appropriate for your activities and ambitions . You will also discover where to shop. Not all the shops/brands cater for you!

Now you know you have a Natural style personality, what will you do next?

If you have recognised yourself and your Natural style personality is becoming a burden to your daily life, or simply you want in-depth advice on how to do better, then do contact me to make your appointment for Colour, Style or even better Full Image for ladies and Image for Men session for gentlemen. You will benefit hugely and will wonder why you didnot come earlier! See you soon!

You did not recognise yourself? Don’t worry, your style personality is different. Maybe you will spot yourself as having a Creative Style Personality? or a Classic Style Personality? Stay tuned as we will explore other style personalities in future posts.