We get our inspiration for dressing from many sources.

Without any doubt, people around us when we were growing up have had a huge influence. From my clients I often hear stories of “my Mum is impeccably dressed”, “my Dad was a daper dresser”, “My Aunt showed me what quality meant”, often with great joyful details of what their best Sunday outfit was like.

Then our immediate past or current situation dictates the garments we choose “I have young children, and play a lot with them on the floor and in the park”,  “I am the senior manager in a large company and have to assert my competence quickly”.

Everyday we make, consciously or not, choices about our outfit. We will always go to what we feel the most comfortable with, be it high or kitten heels for ladies, shirt and tie or tee/polo shirt for men, jeans for a lot of us, and try our best to adapt to the situations we will face during the day.

We have already explored what style personality is and why it is important to know what makes you tick and what tuns you off when it comes to clothes. You will save time shopping for clothes, getting dressed in the morning and eventually you will save a lot of money simply by making wise choices that fit with your lifestyle and your preferences.

You may have already looked at the list of characteristics for the Natural Style Personality which is the most common Style Personality I come across with my clients. You may have ticked one or two elements but you certainly did not recognise yourself. You chuckled at the Classic Style Personality, as you can think of many people who fit this description, but that is definitely not you.

The next style personality we are looking at is the Creative Style Personality. During my 10 years in business, ladies and gentlemen with this Style Personality haven’t passed the threshold of my door very often. We’ll see why a little bit further on. Again, elements from other personalities may come into play, but this is their dominant trait.

Who do you think you are? Know your style personality: The Creative Style Personality

Let’s find out if you are a true creative:

  • You do colour in a big way: from your hair that changes colour regularly  to your hand-embellished shoes, your look is a colourful one and you are not afraid to add more. Indeed the more, the merrier.
  • You are good with your hands: you learned how to sew and knit from your Mum, your Aunt, your Granny, or your Home Economics teacher. Transforming clothes does not faze you and you relish getting your scissors, thread and needles out to make your new-to-you garment your own.
  • You are involved in art and crafts: maybe a past art student, maybe a current art teacher, certainly enjoying the company of a few artists in your social or work circles.
  • Rummaging in charity, second-hand, vintage shops, markets, car boot sales and clothes swapping event is your idea of heaven. You know you will find some unique good quality pieces.
  • You struggle with high street shops, that you see as a boring blend of sameness.
  • You have been an advocate of “reuse, recycle” mantra for ever and you are astonished that the world is only waking up to it.
  • Not for you the matchy-matchy look. It is all about transforming clothes, changing the buttons, wearing two different socks or laces, personalising your garments with whatever treasures you have (patches, badges, buttons, ribbons, pins, etc).
  • You struggle with formality – the traditional office environment where the clothes on show resemble a uniform restricts your creative streak. Being invited to an event where conformist dressing matters gives you cold sweats. What on earth will you wear? How will you “fit in”?
  • You love pattern, as it allows you to express yourself with little effort.
  • You are often described as a “hippy”, “wacky” or “quirky”: Wearing natural fabrics, a knitted, fabric or well-made leather bag. You’ll prefer earthy colours even if they don’t love you back.
  • Ladies you will love bright lipstick. Gentlemen, your jewellery and scarf will show your creative style.
  • You know your labels and brands, especially those that are of high quality that you acquire at a bargain price on ebay or at carboot sales.
  • You look remarkably different, yet it is a well-put together look with accessories complimenting it all.

Do you tick many of these characteristics? You can be sure that you have a strong Creative style personality guiding your clothing choices every day.

With a dominant Creative style personality, you often ooze understated confidence as you dare to be different. People will admire your style, with often an envious glance that you can pull your look together so well. Or they will walk away from you because this colourful character frightens them slightly and breaks the rules – whatever these are!

You will come to French Dressing, I mean you will be sent to me, walking backwards and dragged in. Sent by your partner who may have a few classic traits and find it increasingly difficult to go out with such a colourful character. Sent by your mother who wants you to get your dress sense sorted out, maybe before you go into the job market. Sent by your boss who wants you to embrace the more conservative values of their company.

More often when your appear at my door of your own accord, it is to rekindle your creative personality that you used to fully embrace in your 20s and lost as peer, time and money pressures took priority. Also you may make your appointment because you have had enough to be – I quote – “the clown in the office”, “the colourful one, always looking different from the others”.

Together we will discuss where you are at in your life, what you like about your look, what you liked when you were a younger creative. Colour will play a big role of course. Even if at this stage you will pay scant attention, you’ll take a mental note of your best colours. You’ll benefit the most from understanding your shape and scale so that you can make better choices for your more conservative job.  You may discover where the best local shops for you are, and you’ll probably know a few more!

Now you know you have a Creative style personality, what will you do next?

If you have recognised yourself – or the younger self, and you want to adapt your Creative style personality to fit with your professional ambitions, or want to reconnect with your creativity without looking like “mutton dressed as lamb”, then do contact me to make your appointment for Colour, Style or even better Full Image for ladies and Image for Men session for gentlemen. You will learn about making your creativity work for you, not against you. See you soon!

You did not recognise yourself? Don’t worry, your style personality is different. There are a few more to explore in future posts.


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