Every day we dress. Whether we loaf about in the house in our lounging gear – a.k.a. pyjamas, head for work clad in a suit, separates or uniform, meet our friends for a drink or meal with our “going out” clothes on, do a spot of shopping in an easy-to-wear outfit, we have to make a decision on what to wear.

For some, this is quite a challenge whilst for a few, they can’t wait to open that wardrobe and see what will call them on. Others do “safe” with a few years of experience that have taught them that having a few key pieces will see them through any situation.

When I welcome you to your French Dressing session, be it colour analysis and/or style session, you unknowingly give me plenty of clues to your style: your car, your shoes, your hair, your clothes of course, or rather the state of all of them. It speaks volumes to me. This is why I eye you up and down right from the start!

We’ve seen what a person with a Natural personality would prefer, what one with a Creative personality enjoys, now we are turning to the Classic personality.

Who do you think you are? Know your style personality: The Classic Style Personality

Ready to tick the list in the hope of recognising yourself? Remember we can be a mix of several personalities. Here is the main characteristics of a person with a Classic personality:

  • You do colour with caution, but once you have found your best colours after a Colour Clever session, you will loyally stick to them and you will not shop without your wallet of colours. Not for you the garish tastes of the Creative whom you may look at with disapproval, especially at a formal event.
  • Navy blue is your go-to colour. It is safe, not as austere as black, reliable for any event . You would have lamented the disappearance of navy blue from the rails a few years ago, and filled your shopping bag with it several times over when it came back because of some royal celebrations.
  • You prefer your clothes plain, without pattern.
  • You always look neat and impeccable, with high standards of dress.  You compulsively look after your clothes. You come to French Dressing with your clothes neatly folded in a suitcase or with your clothes on hangers inside a protective bag, your shoes in a shoe bag separated from your clothes.
  • For someone who love navy blue, denim is remarkably absent from your wardrobe. Yes, like everybody you will have one pair of jeans that you diligently iron after washing so that it looks good on – something that someone with a Natural personality will shake their head to.
  • Fashion is fickle, trends last a bit longer. But for you, it is different, you found your look, you found your ideal shops who stock quality rather than quantity, you know what fits you and what it must look and feel like, so your look is predictable and timeless. Except that, with time, timeless will become twee and outdated. Still, better look old-fashioned rather than venturing into the unknown and get it wrong.
  • Quality of the garment is key. The disappearance of your favourite local and high street shops and brands is hitting you hard as you need to feel the material and check how the garment is made before you make a purchase. You may not have mastered online shopping, and when you have, you bemoan at the poor workmanship and quality, and systematically send clothes back. What you loved about the local shops was the service. The shop attendants called you by your name, knew what you liked and helped you every step of the way to buy your timeless clothes.
  • ©House Of Bruar

    Ladies, matching shoes to the handbag is a MUST. Indeed you are the envy of many others for your ability to constantly and consistently match. Your collection of court shoes is impressive: plain in colour, preferably navy, black, brown and nude, in leather. Sometimes you go to the extravagance of buying a silver pair or you add a clip-on bow. Your handbag is also plain colour and in leather, often in a stiff rectangular shape.

  • Ladies, your make up has been the same for years and years. Same brand, same shades, same application. Why change? It works for you and you know you suit it. You will grieve the withdrawal of your favourite shade and it will take you months, if not years, to find a new one to love.
  • At your Style Sensation session, you will invariably bring your favourite necklace: a single row of real pearls with matching earrings, often inherited.


  • ©Barbour International

    For the gentleman, brogue and dressed shoes are the shoes of choice: brown or black, and of course polished. You know that trainers have a sport purpose, are not for everyday wear and they do not go with your chinos.

  • Gentlemen, the demise of the tie is a catastrophe for you. You had mastered the tie-to-shirt matching and now you are asked to ditch the tie to be more “modern”. As a business man, you are dumbfounded by the open shirt look. Surely the visual clue to the slippery slope of falling standards? Of course, at formal events, you are the one who is called upon to help men with a Natural personality who don’t have a clue about tie-tying.
  • At your Style Sensation session,  you will bring your high quality, well worn watch, with a leather strap also well worn.


With such a conservative dress sense, you come to a French Dressing session “because you feel you have lost your way” due to your changing work or home situation, your increasing waist line, or you feel older than your actual age.

Invariably you are cautious. Any suggestion is met with a questioning look and irrevocably a “NO”. You can’t really give a reason why you would not adopt the suggestion, it is just that you are convinced that you have had your look nailed for years and you are at first refusing to accept that a change is needed. You have chosen to come, so reason has prevailed and you are going to embrace it with the right guidance.

Now you understand you have a Classic style personality, what will you do next?

First and foremost, you have to realise that you cannot fight it. It is here to stay. You MUST NOT ignore it. It comes with high standards, with a sense of what is right and what is wrong, with a foot firmly in tradition and as you favour quality over quantity, you opt for sustainable, natural fabrics and well made garments that will stand the test of time. You are a true eco-warrior and you don’t even know it.

Together we will discuss what you like about your look and why you feel you need a change. Colour Analysis is a big winner for you because often you are not wearing  your best colours.  You may have have had your colours done a few years ago, but your hair colour and skin tone are changing and those past shades are no longer your great ones.  A Full Image session for ladies, combining colour and style, and Image for Men session for gentlemen, will help you dress your body better and discover what you need to do to relax your look and be more approachable. Do contact me today to make your appointment.

Did you tick a few, but not enough, statements to make your personality a true Classic one? Keep tuned. There are other personalities to discover. Why don’t you register for my newsletter to find out? It’s easy: you can do that just by clicking here.