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    Je m’appelle Edith Adam. Merci de votre visite. Are you ready to put some French fancy in your life?

    I don’t do salad dressings. I don’t sell French clothes. I don’t make dresses.

    What I do is put some zing in your wardrobe and make you feel wonderful.

    I am a style and image consultant, offering personal and professional advice to women like you, and your friends, using colour analysis, style sessions and seasonal review to give you confidence, enjoy less stressful mornings and reconnect to whom you want to be.

    After training with leading image consultancy Colour Me Beautiful, I opened the doors of French Dressing to help women, and a few men, of all ages and backgrounds, dress well and boost their confidence. As I have done with them, I will show you how to overcome your challenges and enhance your best assets to make you feel special and grow your confidence though the power of dressing.

    I have advised hundreds of clients: everybody is unique in shape, size, colouring and personality. So are you! Discover your very own uniqueness and let’s have an inspiring time together.

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