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Who do you think you are? The Classic Style Personality

Every day we dress. Whether we loaf about in the house in our lounging gear – a.k.a. pyjamas, head for work clad in a suit, separates or uniform, meet our friends for a drink or meal with our “going out” clothes on, do a spot of shopping in an easy-to-wear outfit, we have to make

Who do you think you are? The Creative Style Personality

We get our inspiration for dressing from many sources. Without any doubt, people around us when we were growing up have had a huge influence. From my clients I often hear stories of “my Mum is impeccably dressed”, “my Dad was a daper dresser”, “My Aunt showed me what quality meant”, often with great joyful

Who do you think you are? The Natural Style Personality

A key element of looking great and feeling on top of the world, is to understand what style personality you are, so that you know what to shop for, what brand to home in on, and you understand why you should not waste your money on particular garments. As fashion design Rachel Zoe says: Style

5 suggestions to de-stress when you dress

Every day we dress. This is one thing we all have in common. Every day, we peer in our wardrobe, at the clothes-ladden chair, at the clothes-horse a.k.a. exercise bike, at the washing basket, or even at the floor,  in search of that outfit which will take us from our our bedroom to work, that