• Colour Analysis

    Be inspired and unleash your colourful side! Get your colours done and become Colour Clever with your clothes.

    This is the secret to you looking younger and healthier, without the help of beauty products! Discover what’s hot and what’s not for you! Save money and time when shopping for clothes and feel wonderful everyday.

    A colour clever session will last you many years – until your hair colour and/or skin tone changes. See it as an investment in yourself and in your future.

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    What you get:

    • Precious ‘me-time’ for a personal colour analysis – Only you, nobody else, unless you choose to come with a friend.
    • In-depth assessment of your dominant colouring with your two other colour characteristics.
    • Demonstration of the colours that suit you and how to wear them to the best effect for you.
    • Your wallet of 42 colours swatches to help you make wise colourful clothes choices.

    Your Colour Swatches

    2 hrs session at my studio in Carnoustie : £110

    Note: In 2020 – All sessions will take place in the comfort of your home.
    Mileage will be charged. Ask me for details.

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    What Clients Have Said:

    I am thoroughly enjoying life with my new colours. I know that what I do buy suits me and I haven't wasted money.Susan
    A total transformation. Shopping is so much easier and cheaperRhona