• Man Made

    Do you rely on someone else to dress you and wish you could make your own choices?
    Do you have little time to go clothes shopping?
    Do clothes bore you but you want to dress better and work your allure?

    What about getting direct and succinct advice on what to wear to save time and take the hassle out of dressing everyday.

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    What you get:

    • A personal colour analysis – Only you, nobody else unless you decide to bring your partner, who will probably take notes.
    • In-depth assessment of your style personality to understand what you like.
    • Your wallet of 42 colours swatches, including dominant colouring, shirt and suit colours to help you when shopping.
    • Your style guidelines that fit in your colour wallet so that you have it all at hand in one place to dress your build.
    • Personalised advice for your budget, activities and professional needs.

    2.5 hrs session in my studio in Carnoustie : £210

    Note: In 2020 – All sessions will take place in the comfort of your home.
    Mileage will be charged. Ask me for details.

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    What Clients Have Said:

    Considering the amount I spend on clothes, this is a very worthwhile session.Mike
    You have given me a lot to think about, both personally and for my company. Thank you. Charles
    A great session! I learnt a lot. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Now to practice.Murray

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